Screening Test in SSB Interview

SSB consist of 2 stages, first stage is called as screening test and second stage consist of 3 important test knows as Psychology test, Group Testing Officers (GTO) Test and personal interview. 

Day 1 at the SSB is the Screening day. The Selected Candidates go for further testing after filling up some forms. 2 test will be there on the Screening day based on which the results are announced .

The two test are:

1. Officers Intelligence Rating (OIR).

2. Picture Perception Description Test.


This test conducted to check the basic level of intelligence. The level of test is very basic just to know about the logical and analytical ability of a candidate.
The questions in this test are both verbal and non-verbal in nature. There will be two booklets to be solved with approximately 40-50 questions each in 17-22 min approximately.


  • Candidates have to write a story within 5 minutes 30 seconds though a hazy picture and how to divide this time we mention it below:
    • 30 sec for watching picture only.
    • 1 min for writing some particulars in the available box in the answer sheet, it includes No. of Characters, their Age, Sex & Mood and candidates also mention that what’s going on in the picture in the Action.
    • After that 4 min for writing the Story. It has some important terms such as: Age, Sex, Character, Mood, Past (What he done), Present (What’s going on) and Future (What will he do).
  • When candidates write the story then they must have to show any of the OLQ’s by their central character or hero.
  • Try to give the name of central character is on your friends only because it is rememberable during narration of the story in next part.