Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)

You will be shown 11 black and white pictures and the (12th) is a blank slide. Each picture will come just for 30 seconds and then disappear. You will get 4 minutes to write the story based on that picture. After 4 min another picture will come for 30 seconds and the same process will be followed till the last slide i.e. blank slide. The Thematic Apperception Test is designed to test the thoughts and imagination of the candidate.

Word Association Test (WAT)

You will be shown 60 words back to back; each word will remain on the screen for 15 seconds. In 15 seconds you are required to write a sentence which comes to your mind first after reading that word. Likewise, you have to write 60 sentences continuously without any pause in between.

Situation Reaction Test (SRT)

Situation Reaction Test 
You will get a booklet with 60 situations written on it. You are required to write your responses based on those 60 situations. Time allotted will be 30 min. These are real to life situations, which you may encounter in your day to day life. These are given in a Booklet, in the form of statements which you have to complete by giving appropriate reactions. Due to a constraint of time, you will generally give a response, which would be close to your actual reaction, while facing a similar situation in real life.

SD Self-Description Test (SDT)

SD Self-Description Test (SDT)
You are required to write an opinion about you from your parents, friends, teachers and yourself, and things which you would like to develop in the future. Time allotted will be 15 min.
The Self-Description entails asking the candidate to write down, as to what, in his/her opinion the following people think about him/her:
1. Your parents
2. Your teachers
3. Your friends
4. You yourself