Sharpshooters…..a training platform founded in Oct 2018….. consists of a team of trailblazers with decades of Military and Civil experience as Leaders cum Managers. But that’s just the beginning. Our training team hails from various branches of Defence Forces with vast experience as autonomous assessors in SSBs. Our expert faculty gives you a comprehensive and focused insight into the ‘Three Pronged System of Selection’ in SSB. It imparts required training and guidance to candidates aspiring to be officers in the Armed Forces. In addition it impowers you to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Sharpshooters …..provide a platform to mentor you and fulfill your dream to serve the Nation as an Officer in our Defence Forces.


 Why Sharpshooters?

  • Our SSB coaching curriculum will take you through an eye-opening journey through a realistic SSB Interview process.
  • During the coaching capsule we endeavour to bring about improvements in a candidate’s understanding of Leadership Qualities including how these are manifested by a Candidate and judged by Assessors in SSB. This understanding is critical to a candidate’s success at the SSB Interview.
  • Sharpshooters is an arena……having a motivational environment, where everyone is ‘on board’ and passionately rowing in the same direction.
  • You also learn relevant soft skills and methodology to comprehend a Problem/Conflict while at SSB and ways to build effectiveness amongst a group – two important aspects which are being assessed in SSB.
  • You will be learning highly specific, practical working methodology that will set you in motion, when you reach SSB for an interview.
  • Focus on Individual Candidate’s Personality, Strength of Character, Values, Personal Attributes, Thoughts and Power of Expression, Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement and prepare them accordingly.
  • Personalized guidance/counseling to improve demonstrated performance.
  • Highly dedicated and experienced faculty consisting of ex-assessors of SSBs, experts in their own techniques ie Psychology, Group Testing and Interview.
  • State of art infrastructure, training aids and latest Outdoor Tasks.
  • A candidate who joins once, may remain with us, without any additional cost/fees, until they achieve their objective.
  • Repeaters – no challenge for Sharpshooters



Coaching @ Sharpshooters

Coaching at Sharpshooters allows candidates to:

  • Understand  key leadership qualities/traits and their effectiveness
  • Learn ‘Concept of Average Officer in Armed forces’
  • Get Evaluated and Receive Feedback on their present levels of Leadership Qualities.
  • Identify and understand inadequacies/short-comings and take necessary actions to improve
  • Provide opportunities to candidates to learn to develop and manifest Leadership Qualities being assessed in SSB
  • Acquire an array of hard and soft skills which are essential for anyone aspiring to be an Officer in the Indian Armed Forces


We at Sharpshooters work with candidates on developing five important competencies, namely:-

(a) Ability to understand and identify essentials of a practical problem/situation.

(b) Evolving a workable solution.

(c) Correct prioritization and optimal resource utilization.

(d) Group effectiveness.

(e) Effective listening and logically communicating views/ideas.