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Sharpshooters…..a training platform founded in Oct 2018….. consists of a team of trailblazers with decades of Military and Civil experience as Leaders cum Managers. But that’s just the beginning. Our training team hails from various branches of Defence Forces with vast experience as autonomous assessors in SSBs. Our expert faculty gives you a comprehensive and focused insight into the ‘Three Pronged System of Selection’ in SSB. It imparts required training and guidance to candidates aspiring to be officers in the Armed Forces. In addition it impowers you to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Sharpshooters …..provide a platform to mentor you and fulfill your dream to serve the Nation as an Officer in our Defence Forces.

 Why Sharpshooters?

Coaching @ Sharpshooters

Coaching at Sharpshooters allows candidates to:

We at Sharpshooters work with candidates on developing five important competencies, namely:-

(a) Ability to understand and identify essentials of a practical problem/situation.

(b) Evolving a workable solution.

(c) Correct prioritization and optimal resource utilization.

(d) Group effectiveness.

(e) Effective listening and logically communicating views/ideas.